4 SEO Tips to Get Your website Found

SEO can be one of the more complex inbound marketing techniques but it can also be the most efficient and cost effective. Here are 4 tips to get your website found:

1. Optimize your website using keywords!

Optimize your website by using specific keywords,haro for seo, phrases, and images to stand out to search engines. Title tags are the most important. Try to include one keyword in your website title (hint: the closer to the beginning, the better). Learn more about SEO title tags. Heading tags are also relevant in SEO. Make sure to include keywords in your heading tags (hint: H1>H2>H3>H4). Finally, try to use images with relevant file names.

2. Create, good, fresh content.

Google is continuously indexing your site. It doesn’t like seeing the same content day after day. Try updating your content every other week, or more often if you’re feeling generous. A great way to do this is by incorporating a blog into your site – you can also take guidance from justseo.co.nz. This allows a constant flow of new content that Google loves to see.

3. Image alt tags.

Make sure that all of your images have alt tags. This chunk of text is rarely seen by viewers, but search engines love to see it. Make sure to use keywords in the alternative text that are consistent throughout the page.

4. Social, social, social.

Search engines love to see your social networks. To them, it is a trusted source that your site is legitimate. Even better, get others to share your posts or like your page for higher SEO rankings. For businesses, make sure your online profiles are complete with all social networks, Google Maps, and Yelp to improve your local search engine results.

The Google Search Engine algorithm is an extremely complex system to understand. These 4 tips are just the beginning in your quest to the first page of Google. Trust McCall Media Solutions with all of your other SEO questions. Feel free to contact us today, or like our page.

For more information on SEO, check out this link to Googles SEO Starter Guide

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