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3 Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business

Louisville Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is perhaps one of the most affordable marketing techniques that can pay off significantly in the long run. By creating an effective inbound marketing strategy you can watch your business grow overnight. We’ve provided a few tips to get your inbound marketing campaign started.


1. Social Media

Social Media is one of our favorite inbound marketing tactics as it can provide quick results that will get your company found. Start by getting all of your social media pages set up and optimized. Next, start generating quality content (we’ll get to more about that later) that keeps your viewers interested. Expand your follower base by posting on a regular basis and creating “sharable” content. Finally, make sure to stay dedicated. Your social media base will expand quickly, but not always as fast as you’d like, so stay committed and be sure to post regularly.

2. SEO

SEO is a long run inbound marketing strategy that is EXTREMELY effective in providing results. The upsides: low cost (check these NZ SEO Rates), highly effective, and it provides trackable results. The downsides: requires web design knowledge, can be difficult for start ups and smaller businesses competing against larger and more well known firms, and it takes time (weeks or months). SEO is an complex art with many topics. You can check out this post to discover more about SEO.

3. Content Generation

Content generation can be a nightmare. Even the best copywriters can have their work cut out for them when deciding what content to create. However, creating content for your social media sites, your blog, or your website should never be overlooked. By creating engaging content, your viewers are more opt to share your post, page, or update. This in turn, helps SEO scores (more above) and gets your content found by new viewers. Pictures and videos are a powerful way to get the viewers attention. They create a visual experience for the reader so they can easily observe what the post is about.

Those are just a few strategies we use in all of our inbound marketing plans. We encourage you to share this post, like our social media pages, or give us a call for any inquires you have about inbound marketing.

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