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Email Marketing: A Hidden Gem

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Email marketing

can often get lost in your direct marketing strategy. It can easily be overlooked or disregarded to PPC advertising. However, email marketing can be another source of traffic to your website and help users stay informed.

Out of many forms of direct advertising, email marketing can be one of the most affordable and effective routes. By pairing a pleasing design with quality content, your email marketing campaign is a surefire way to increase web traffic and ultimately sales. Our Louisville marketing team compiled a list of tips that can be used for any email marketing campaign.

1. Subject Lines

Subject lines are your first impression in email marketing. Form a good subject line by considering three things:

  • a) What is the purpose of the email?

    Is the purpose of the email to get readers to purchase an item? Or is the purpose of the email to get readers to follow your Twitter account? These are two different purposes, and therefore their subject lines should be different.

  • b) Who is the email targeted to?

    Different audiences respond to the same message differently. Make sure your subject line is targeted towards the appropriate audience.

  • c) What is the content about?

    This seems obvious, but it is often disregarded. Nothing annoys readers more than a subject line not related to the content of the email. A good subject line is a quick summary of the content you are displaying.

Here are more tips for creating engaging subject lines.

2. Make Your Links Obvious

Having links in your email is a no-brainer. But if they aren’t obvious, they’re useless. Make sure that readers understand where to click, so they can get to where they want to go.

3. Call To Action

What’s an email if it does’t ask the reader to do anything? Simple, nothing! Be sure to end your email asking the reading to complete some action. Whether that action is following your Twitter account, or purchasing an item, make an obvious call to action that stands out.

4. Test, Test, Test!

We cannot stress enough how important this tip is. Be sure to test your campaign over and over on different platforms and devices to make sure you have no simple errors, bad links, or misspellings. While we understand your eagerness of sending your first email campaign, this only leads to minuscule mistakes that may cripple performance.

5. Finally, Analyze

As always, analyze your campaign afterwords. Use this data to your advantage for your next campaign. Use A/B testing whenever possible to understand optimum send times, subject lines, and send dates.

If you have more questions about email marketing, contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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