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We bring customers to you by creating engaging and unique content.

Focus on the core problem that your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem.

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Social Media Marketing

There’s no better way to gain attention than social media. Interacting directly with your customers in a nonintrusive way is prime marketing. We focus on developing relationships with your customers to increase customer loyalty and gain brand awareness.

Content Generation

Creating quality, fresh content can be “the struggle” for many businesses. We put our copywriters to work to develop content that engages your audience and keeps them interested.


SEO is a great way to bring customers to you. Best of all, it’s low cost and can be very effective. We help your website move up the ranks on Google so you attract more customers. Don’t worry, we can tell you more about SEO here.
Let McCall Media Solutions help you with all your inbound marketing needs. From content generation to social media marketing, we can help complete your digital strategy.


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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing involves bringing customers to you, as opposed to traditional outbound marketing, in which you must go out to get customers. Inbound marketing comes in many varieties. Social media, blogging, search engine optimization, and more. By creating unique content, we bring customers knocking on your door.

Who needs inbound marketing?

Any business can benefit from inbound marketing. It is relatively low cost, therefore having a high ROI. It is also very effective in raising brand awareness. We approach inbound marketing with the customer in mind. Our content is user oriented, making it extremely “sharable” and “likable”.  From blogging, to social media, content is needed for every medium. By matching the medium with the type of content, we can optimize your content strategies performance.

We are a full service marketing firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. After working with several creative agencies in the area, we became frustrated and decided to start McCall Media Solutions. We guarantee that your work will not get lost in a pile of other clients (yes, this did happen to us). Nor will we over charge you for work that was not agreed upon and send invoice after invoice months later (yes, this happened also). McCall Media Solutions guarantees your satisfaction. We’re not happy unless you are!
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